Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog Soldier

Your Blog Needs Readers

Welcome to BlogSoldiers, we are committed to providing Bloggers and only Bloggers with the readers you need. You've worked really hard on your Blog but no one is reading it. Blog Soldiers offers a Free resource for you to increase readership of your Blog. Sign up for your free membership today and bring an army of readers to your blog!

How does Blog Soldiers Work?

It's easy. You view other member's Blogs and in return other members view your Blog. Every 2 member Blogs you visit, 1 member will view your Blog, all Free. There are paid membership options available which offer 1 to 1 viewing ratios and credit bonuses each month. Learn More - Join Today

BlogSoldiers Acquired by Pentex Net, Inc!

BlogSoldiers has been purchased by Pentex Net, Inc. and promises new and bold changes to BlogSoldiers (see this press release). As a part of the transition, BlogSoldiers is offering these great promotional incentives:

* 50 free bonus credits for new members for signing up and surfing 50 blogs
* 50 referral credits for anyone who refers a new member
* Increased random surfing credits & new contests!
* Major discounts on purchases and new ways to purchase more traffic for your blog!!

There has never been a better time to join BlogSoldiers! Register Today!


niharika said...

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Lee, Blogger's Workshop said...

Thanks for posting about this excellent resource! I like the idea of traffic exchanges designed just for blogs.

Rini said...


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Tony Marshall said...

I'll give blogsoldiers a go.
Thank you

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