Sunday, December 2, 2007


How does the site work?
TurboBux offers advertisers a chance to open their horizons to thousands of members. All the while, giving the users extra cash, just for simply viewing the advertisement. If you think it sounds easy, just wait until you start!

How exactly do users make money?
All users have to do, is click an ad. Simple enough right?
No skill, energy, or work needed, just simply click an ad, and get paid!
For each ad visited, you will receive $0.01.
Not enough? Well, if you can refer someone, you get a bonus $0.01, and $0.01 for every ad they click too!

Once you at least a $10.00 balance on your TurboBux account, you can request to receive that money via a PayPal money transfer. After your request has been accepted(within one week), you will receive a transfer directly to your account.

Number of Ads to Click
As TurboBux is a new site, you will receive a base amount of ads to click on the very first time you sign up. Advertisements will be on the rise and with targetted advertisement, there is sure to be a great deal of them coming our way soon. And even if there aren't any, TurboBux guarantees to keep at least four ads up at all times. Yep, four ads no matter what! This includes the total number of ads on the site, and depending on the interests you chose, you may have less than four, but never less than three, due to our sponsored advertisements that we put up so that you can make money any time, no matter what.

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