Friday, December 7, 2007

Blog Soldier

Your Blog Needs Readers

Welcome to BlogSoldiers, we are committed to providing Bloggers and only Bloggers with the readers you need. You've worked really hard on your Blog but no one is reading it. Blog Soldiers offers a Free resource for you to increase readership of your Blog. Sign up for your free membership today and bring an army of readers to your blog!

How does Blog Soldiers Work?

It's easy. You view other member's Blogs and in return other members view your Blog. Every 2 member Blogs you visit, 1 member will view your Blog, all Free. There are paid membership options available which offer 1 to 1 viewing ratios and credit bonuses each month. Learn More - Join Today

BlogSoldiers Acquired by Pentex Net, Inc!

BlogSoldiers has been purchased by Pentex Net, Inc. and promises new and bold changes to BlogSoldiers (see this press release). As a part of the transition, BlogSoldiers is offering these great promotional incentives:

* 50 free bonus credits for new members for signing up and surfing 50 blogs
* 50 referral credits for anyone who refers a new member
* Increased random surfing credits & new contests!
* Major discounts on purchases and new ways to purchase more traffic for your blog!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


About You-Cubez is a great new website, that allows you to advertise, have fun and make money all with a Cube. If you own a website, MySpace Page or perhaps a video on YouTube, grab yourself a cube from JUST £1.00 for 1 Year!


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Increase Cube Value

- There are various ways of increasing your cubez value...
- Every 50 unique visitors referred from your website equals £1.00
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Make REAL Money

- Receive 15% commission on every cube purchased by your referral.
- Minimum payout is just £2.00
- For more information, visit the FAQ's

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cash Fiesta

Spending countless hours in front of your computer surfing the net, doing homework, writing email or working? Feel like your time at the computer is not rewarded?

Now, here is the good news. With Cashfiesta you can earn easy cash while using your computer. We offer unlimited earning potential to all of our members and our services are available worldwide.

Sounds simple? It is. And best of all - it is FREE!



Click-Wizard provides members with opportunities to gain themselves cash, and actually benefit the user. Advertisement Prices range from $0.0035 to $1.00 per click!Once you reach $10.00 you can withdraw your cash using a PayPal transfer. You gain $0.01 per click, and ads are not assured. Advertisers gains clients while users gain real cash. Once you have reached $10.00 you will be able to cash out your money. This means we will send your real cash to a real payment processor (PayPal) which also accepts major credit cards.

How do I earn the money?

It's an absolutely simple procedure. All you need to do, is click an ad, view it for at least 30 seconds, and receive real money. Advertisers pay us to pay for you, so you can click ads to visit our sponsors, and earn cash. Nothing hard, just click ads. Earn up to double your earnings when you upgrade. If you refer people, you will gain money through that also.

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For each second that you view an ad, you earn 0.034 cents – that is 1 cent per 30 seconds! The referral rate is 50%, but you can increase it by buying referral points – for $1, you receive 10% referral earnings each week! The maximum referral rate is 200%.

The minimum payout is $10, deposited in PayPal.

You really MUST look at the ads – if you minimize the window with the ad or open another window, the time counter will stop, and you will have to look at the site twice as long in order to earn money – you must look at the ad for the whole time in order to be paid for it. Singup Now.