Sunday, December 2, 2007

Simple Clicker

Simple Clicker is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers post links for members to view. Members then receive a pay per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. After a member clicks on that link and views the site, the member's account is credited for the click. Join today for Free!


• FREE Membership
• Get Paid for Clicking!
• 25% Referral Bonus
• PayPal Payouts!
• International friendly
• $5.00 Payouts!


• Great Customer Service!
• Low Prices
• Link and Banner Advertising
• Advertise to 100% opt in members
• Guaranteed Clickthru Ad Options
• Absolutely no Spam!

1 comment:

Simple Clicker Admin said...

Just thought I would let you know that Simple Clicker is back online with a new and improved script. Go check it out and resign up.