Wednesday, December 5, 2007


About You-Cubez is a great new website, that allows you to advertise, have fun and make money all with a Cube. If you own a website, MySpace Page or perhaps a video on YouTube, grab yourself a cube from JUST £1.00 for 1 Year!


- Registration is quick and easy and more importantly FREE!
- Join over 1815 members and experience a whole new way of advertising!
- You-Cubez has received over 30 million hits since it began in Jan 2007.
- Compete against other members to the top of the cubez stack.
- Why not... Buy a cube, increase it's value and then sell it on for a profit..?

Increase Cube Value

- There are various ways of increasing your cubez value...
- Every 50 unique visitors referred from your website equals £1.00
- Every 30 logins equals £1.00
- Every 15 invites sent to your friends and colleagues equals £1.00
- Every 100 cubez clicked equals £1.00
- Every 1 member you refer that signs up equals £1.00

Make REAL Money

- Receive 15% commission on every cube purchased by your referral.
- Minimum payout is just £2.00
- For more information, visit the FAQ's

Don't wait around... Sign Up Today!

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